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Before joining Change Online and working online, I used to be a full time butcher working 50+ hours a week. 


I was one of those people when I left school who had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. However, I knew that I wanted more out of life such as nice cars, nice holidays and a big house. I always knew this would take a lot of hard work but I never knew how exactly I could achieve these things. I never dreamt about achieving freedom because I didn’t think it existed. 


I went to college immediately after school ager 16 to do motor mechanics as I loved cars and thought if I could get payed and work on cars that would be the best thing I could do. I believed if I worked hard and worked my way up the ladder I could earn good money and my end goal was to end up in a formula 1 racing team as a mechanic. 


I realised at college that working with cars was mainly computers and testing, not so much the hands on approach that I enjoyed. I left college and got a weekend job at a local butchers shop and a part time job at sports direct to get as much money as I could. 


I quite enjoyed the butchery job so i left sports direct and got a full time job at the butchers, doing basic jobs and got an apprenticeship in butchery. I enjoyed this and worked my way up to management by the age of 20. I found that the work and stress of management and what I was getting payed was nowhere near worth my time or energy. I decided to step back from management and move to another shop as a butcher. 


I decided join Change Online during this time and start my online journey after coming across my mentor Ryan’s Instagram while aimlessly scrolling through Instagram one evening. I hated my job and I was far from happy with my situation so I decided to reach out to Ryan and book a call. After this call with Ryan, I realised that this was the answer to my dreams and goals. I decided to join Change Online and went through their training program and the rest is history…


Fast forward 2 years and I am now helping multiple ambitious and hard working individuals start their journey online and change their lives just as I have. I also run multiple online Drop Shipping stores using the platform Shopify, to generate a massive income consistently every month. 


I absolutely love helping others reach their goals and helping others see the potential of working hard in the right areas and working with likeminded people who want to level up.


I am incredibly proud to work alongside Ryan, Reece and Tami and all the other members of the ever growing Change Online community to improve and grow on a daily basis.

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